Be consistent for achieving betting success

Most punters continue to lose on a regular basis because they are not emotionally prepared and don’t follow even the most basic betting essentials.

In order to have consistency when betting you need to follow a proven system. Even following a system there will be the occasional loss. Losing runs are an unavoidable part of racing. Even a really profitable system will have the odd losing run.

Systems rarely stay in profit all year round, there are just too many random factors in racing that can affect their performance. However systems offer us the best way of making consistent profits, and any sequence of losing bets will ultimately be followed by a sequence of winning ones. Once you understand this fact consistent profit will never be far away.

Most punters don’t use a system for long enough before they start to chop and change things so they never end up making any consistent profit. Very often they stop using a system after a few losses. Ultimately they revert back to their old stupid behaviour of no plan wagering.

Conversely punters that follow a proven system are informed and prepared, and have past experience of betting patterns. They know that any losing run encountered will not affect the long-term goal of making money. It’s the same for any other investment; such as ISAs or the Stock market, one month they are up and the next maybe down a little, but they perform well long-term if managed properly.

The dynamics of long-term investment aren’t as you would expect, and even bookmakers lose money. You have to have a “Positive Expectancy” which means although you may lose sometimes on the whole following a proven system you should expect your profits to outweigh your losses.

Learn to think with a “Positive Expectancy” and with a good plan you will succeed and be profitable in the long-term. It is important to keep your expectations realistic, focused and attainable. If you want instant wealth, forget racing and buy a lottery ticket. Bearing in mind the odds of actually winning the top prize in the simplest lotteries are an astounding 13,000,000 / 1.