Betting World Cup Soccer South Africa 2010: the odds for the referee of the final

Referee’s mistakes and all the problems with their judgments so far in the tournament are putting a strain on the World Cup South Africa 2010. With so many referees who have been sent home and can not therefore whistle of the final match.

In recent days, the Uruguayan referee Larrionda were ousted after Germany – England match and the Italian Rosatti, who was on the match between Argentina and Mexico. Both were guilty of not having given goals that were really clear, as well as Busacca, the Swiss referee of South Africa – Uruguay.

Now, with just a few names in the list in the board of referees for the upcoming matches: the favorite to whistle the final on July 11, which will award the World Cup is now Howard Webb, the odds for who went from 2.60 to 2.25, after the ouster of Rosatti and Busacca, two strong candidates for the final. Afterwards, the Belgian De Bleekere (4.20), the Mexican Archundia (5.90) and the Uzbek Irmatov (9.00).

Betting World Cup Soccer South Africa 2010:

Updated odds for winning according to Bet365? After the second round of the World Cup South Africa 2010 and the elimination of England yesterday by Germany we see then to what extent is now the board quotas for who will win the Cup and how they changed during the World Cup.

Update shares after defeat Italy – June 25, 2010:

We have already seen how the odds had changed after the exit of Italy, now the lowest chances for the final victory are Slovakia with odds of 200, Japan 80, and then Chile and Paraguay with 40.

The bookies favorite is Brazil, which plays today against Chile and it seems the team with the best form of the whole tournament, followed by Argentina, which yesterday qualified to the quarterfinals and Spain, which will meet Portugal in the second round, respectively with odds 4, 4.50 and 5.50.

Who will win?