Horse Betting: What are the most important horse race in Germany?

Horse race in Germany are not using the resonance, just like in the UK. None of the major TV station transmits the race, there are few podcasts or radio shows around the German race and during the festival in the UK and regularly attracts celebrities. Events in England usually include a huge program around the Race Course with theme days, fashion events, etc., the German events have since created a little smaller.

Nevertheless, in Germany we have a few tracks, almost 50 in number, with the biggest are in Baden Baden, Bremen, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Krefeld, Mülheim van der Ruhr and Munich. Nevertheless, they are unfortunately not as busy as the racecourses in the UK. Munich offers 19 days, Mülheim an 8 and Berlin in about 10 days in the season action around the race.

Horse Racing Munich

Bavarian breeding race or the Great Dallmayr price is a Group 1 race, which for the € 155,000 prize money attracts
many of the best horses in Germany for this two-day event in Munich (Riem). Dallmayr is the Great flanked by two other prize, sponsored by Dallmayr races that are designed exactly like the great price for Stayr. Even the Bavarian Classic, a Group 3 race will be held here.

More information about horse racing in Munich Hamburg horse racing: Here in July, the Group 1 races, the “German Derby” held over a distance of 2400 meters. Introduced in 1869 and named after the Espon Derby in the UK, it is one of the classic races in Germany. Even the Hansa price, a Group 2 race, and 4 Group 3 races (Hamburger Meile, FärhöferStutenpreis, Hamburger mare Price and the Flyers Trophy) held here.

More information about horse racing in Hamburg-Horn Horse Racing Cologne: Equal 2 group found 1 race here instead – The Rhineland Cup and the Prix Europa. The European Grand Prix held each year in late September and will take place as the Rhineland Cup run in August over 2400 meters. Both races do not exist so long, they have been introduced in the fifties or sixties.

Cologne also equal to 4 group 2 race of the season – the Gerling price, the flour-toil-race, the race and the Union ” Great Europe mile “that share an event with the partial group 1 races.

The range is from 4 Group 3 races. More information about horseracing in Cologne horse racing Baden Baden: Baden Baden is an international racing circuit a high reputation, which manifests itself among others in 9 Group 3 races, 3 Group 2 races and a Group 1 race. The Group 1 race, the Grosser Preis von Baden, which will be held in September, more than 2,400 meters and is approved for 3Yo +.

The Group 2 race are GP Badische Company, Golden Whip, Oettingen races that take place in May / June and August / September. More information about horse racing in Baden Baden horse racing Dusseldorf: There still is one more Group 1 races, the price of Diana in August in Dusseldorf and the Group 2 race Grafenberger Mile Trophy and the German 1,000. In more information on horse racing Dusseldorf.