Poker and online betting are no go in US

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Christmas is coming with a surprise gift, for everyone evolved in web gambling business. In short, the gift has its origin in an interpretative note released yesterday by the Department of Justice, which in a few lines authorizes individual states to sell lottery tickets and even online games across the country. This mean the states are no longer limited within their own boundaries.

In fact, in the event that a court of the 50 U.S., approve, or has already given the go to online poker, well in this case would be automatically authorized, or nearly so, the operator of an Internet poker to widen its circulation extending across the border without geographical limits. A real gift, even if it requires precise explanations, details are not only of interpretation, but practical too.

And the IRS is preparing to collect precious extra proceeds. A gift, the more observers argue, not only for the entrepreneurs of the sector, rather than to the Governors of the individual U.S. states. They wer struggling for three years with the accounts that do not add up and with the red of their deficits that now feeds a huge debt. It is a gift for the Federal too, which until a few weeks ago seemed like a Moloch accounting unattainable and not subject to competition.

In short, looking at the matter in details, considering the volume of business the web gambling around $30 billion, this would lead to the redistribution of the United States at least a 10, a 15% extra tax to be divided equally between the states.

There is already talk of new resources ranging between 3 and even 6 billion dollars. But experts warn that the industry of online bookies actually hides part of their volumes, winnings and revenue that could be touching the peak of $ 100 billion.