What is Planning and Patience in sports betting

1. Planning

You must be prepared, have a plan.

“Without preparation you will fail before you begin.”

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to be prepared. Without decent plans in place you won’t have any structure or rules to follow. Trial and error can be a very costly and painful experience that I definitely wouldn’t advise. In order to become successful at anything you definitely need to have a good plan laid out before you begin, without one failure can be assured.

Racing is no different than any other investment. Being prepared and following a good plan means knowing which type of races produce the best and most consistent results, which type of methods & systems to use on those races, and what kind of staking plans work best.

All races are not created equal…
You should definitely not bet in about 80% of them. Most defy rational form analysis and produce very inconsistent results. However betting on the remaining suitable 20% will give you a far greater chance of success. After all that is how the most successful trainers get regular winners, by placing their best horses in races they have a very good chance of winning.

If you want to make consistent profits from racing, you need to be prepared, and have all the right tools and information available to you.

2. Patience

“You need plenty of patience to become a profitable punter”

We have all heard the saying patience is a virtue, now this probably applies to racing more than most things in life. Believe me when I say you need patience. Most punters have very little and think that they can place a few lucky bets each week to win loads of money using small stakes, if only. It is very unlikely that they will win anything on a regular basis and losses are pretty much assured. You can only expect a consistent return from your bets if have done your homework and follow a proven plan. Classic mistakes to list a few are betting on too many horses, betting in the wrong races or in combinations of silly bets like Tote exotics, Yankees, Scoop6 and Placepot etc. If you look in any bookie’s window, or on their web site you will see these types of bets are very heavily promoted because they make an absolute lorry load of cash week in week out.

The actual chances of winning these types of bets are very slim and the bookies know this. It’s the mania of mug punters, who might win a few hundred from a small stake once every couple of years if they are extremely lucky. Let’s face reality the odds are heavily in favour of the bookies.

One bet you rarely see the bookies advertise is the single, “why” you might ask? A single bet carefully chosen on the right horse in the right race will be successful more often than not, if the truth is known this is where our friends the bookies would love not to accept bets from the public.

This type of bet is where they lose the most money.

Look at the results at the end of any race day and you will see a fair amount of reasonably-priced favourites who have won their individual races. So if you want to profit long term from racing don’t bother with silly combination bets. They offer no value at all even if you do only use very small stakes.

“Remember be patient and wait for the right races to come along before you decide to place a bet, this takes a lot of discipline. Believe me it will definitely be worth it, because you will begin to profit almost instantly.”